Zgłaszając się do anioła biznesu, mentora, inwestora, warto dobrze się przygotować. Pomóc mogą pytania sformułowane przez Richarda Lucasa, multiprzedsiębiorcę, anioła biznesu: Tough questions from a mentor: 1. I advised you to do a business process document describing how you got to where you are now, what are the key processes of your business both now and in terms of getting started. Please share this with me. 2. What is your business model? I reviewed your site. It's not clear to me how you are making money. Please, send me your trading history: costs, revenues, profits. I always worry if I see the EU logos that the business may be losing money. If the business model is going to change in the future please describe it. 3. Competition analysis. Who are you against in Poland (and who in the west is dangerous and how can you be better than them) 4. Strategic options. What do you see you way forward in terms not just of geographical spread but also product service offerings. 5. End game, are you going to exit? If so how, when, who is going to buy you? 6. Ownership/shareholders/ key team members etc. Who apart from you is part of your set up? 7. Gaps, what do you lack/what are your weaknesses/challenges? What else do you need that you don't have today, and what are you doing to address them? 8. Client satisfaction, what is it that makes a) your users b) people who send you money really appreciate what you do. 9. Barriers to entry. If you start turning into a high profit business. what is to stop others entering the market? 10. Dangers and threats. How could it "all go wrong"? 11. How can I help you? What is the main reason you approached me?

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